Take Amazon Customer Support to Find Wi-Fi Password to Register Amazon Device.

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Amazon has been the best online retailer in the present market today which also provides its own products to the users including Kindle E-readers; Kindle reading applications, Dash devices, products for the smart home such as cloud cam, Fire tablets and Fire phones, Fire TV and Alexa devices. And all these Amazon devices need to be connected with Wi-Fi so that they work properly.
But in many cases, users are not able to find the Wi-Fi password as they are set by default and users are not able to connect the devices with the Wi-Fi connection as they are not able to find the Wi-Fi password in order to register their devices. So you should know the name of the network and its password as well to successfully connect to a network. Also, make note that in some cases the passwords are known as a passphrase or a key and the network name as SSID. So if you also want to find it pretty quickly without any hassle then you should get in touch with the Amazon seller support team to get the best support to register your device or if you want to manually deal with the issue then you should follow the steps provided by our experts to register your gadget.


Steps to find the Find Wi-Fi password to register Amazon device

  • To find the network or the password you should first check the sticker which will be on the bottom of the router which you have purchased.
  • To get the password you can also check your installation guide which will have the network name or SSID and the password plus you can also check user’s manual for your router.
  • If the above steps won’t work then you have to see the wireless settings on your device to get the details which are already connected to the network.
  • To view the wireless settings on windows PC you have to click on the wireless icon which is on the taskbar.
  • Now you have to right-click on the network which is “connected” and then click on “properties”.
  • Go to the “security” tab and you will see the password next to the “network security key”.
  • If you want to see the wireless settings on MAC OS X then you have to open the “Utilities” folder and then click on “keychain access” application.
  • Now you have to check the wireless name which is connected and then click on “info”.   
  • Now you have to check the small box which is “show password”.
  • If you are still not able to view your wireless settings and you need Amazon customer support then contact the skilled experts.

Call on Amazon support number toll-free for immediate support

If you are still not able to view the password or find it to register your device then contact the experts through Amazon support number toll-free.


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