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There are many set up problems which come when users try to set up their all-new Echo Plus as without it they would not able to use the device properly. So it is important to set up the new gadget with the requirements so that customers can use it on a daily basis without getting any technical issues. Amazon has always ensured that it delivers the best quality products through its services.
It has never compromised on its quality but due to technical bugs and other system errors and installation errors, users get problems while setting up their product. Customers can easily set up the Echo plus without any problem if they follow the correct steps. The pre-requirement to get started with the process is that users have to place the product on such a position which is centrally located i.e. eight inches from any wall or windows and approximately 6 feet from the Wi-Fi router. If you want to save the hassle and do not want to get into technical problems then you can also contact Amazon Tech Support team to solve your issues otherwise follow the steps provided below to set up your product by yourself.


Steps to setup Amazon Alexa Echo Plus

  • The first step which you have to carry out is to download and sign in to your Alexa id. You have installed the application properly on the system and then you can easily set up the device, can manage your alarms, shopping lists and carts, music and many more things. Simply go to the play store and search for “Alexa App” and download it from there or browse through to install it on your computer.
  • After signing in to the account you have to turn the gadget on. Connect the power adapter with the product and then with the power switch, a blue light will come which will turn into the orange. When the light will turn orange Alexa will greet the customer.
  • Now users are required to connect the device to the stable Wi-Fi network. Follow the manual guidance to connect your device to the Wi-Fi network and if you are unable to connect then Call Amazon Support team.
  • After that, you have to talk to Alexa normally to ensure that it is working fine.
  • Now you have to setup your voice so that Alexa can save it.
  • Speak normally to it while you want to save your voice.
  • You have to say “wake word” to register your voice in the system.
  • You can also connect your device with an external speaker if you want to. But remember you have to say wake word to register your voice.

Dial Amazon seller support phone number toll-free for solutions

If you are having any problem while setting up your Echo plus then you should approach the expert’s team via Amazon Seller Support Phone Number toll-free for immediate support.



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